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Hello and welcome to circle inside design.

I’m Rachel, a multi-disciplinary designer who lives in Edinburgh. I work holistically and sustainably to transform spaces into places and ideas into reality.

I can help you with:

  • Graphic Design for print & digital including logos, print materials, product packaging etc
  • Hand-drawn & digital illustration
  • Interpretative design
  • Interior Design - sustainable solutions including concepts, mood boards and visualisations.

If I can’t make the thing you need, I can help you find someone who can. I love to collaborate and am always interested in working with others to see what we can create together.

Send me an email! :-)

Almondell Country Park Visitor Centre – Interactive Unit

Completed Spring 2023

I used SketchUp to create a 3D model of the unit, then moved into Adobe Illustrator to design the layout which was a blend of existing illustrations and photographs with my own.

The final outcome was a unique activity unit

that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

The objective behind this custom-made birch plywood activity unit was to incorporate as much of the client's wish list as I could into the design. There were historical facts, a specimen case, storage requirements, nature investigation activities, building blocks, and counting games to name but a few!

Eastern Exhibition & Display - Showcase

Completed SUmmer 2023

This multi-faceted structure was designed for a single event but with a view to being reused again and again. The shape encouraged movement around all sides and for conversations to spark up as guests spotted places they recognised.

Because it is made of separate pieces, it is portable (fitting on the back seat of a car), recyclable and flexible both in configuration and the ability to add, swap or update elements as required. It is built from a sustainable, structural fibreboard that is VOC free and 75% lighter than MDF.

Rewilding Hayward -

Wayfinding / Logo

In addition to the interior design, I worked on an identity for our concept which was then developed into a navigation system for the building. The main rooms were each named after plants or animals found in the Scottish Borders. The cut-out style of the icons is a reference to Scout art & craft activities.

The Echo Well -

Final MA concept design

Completed Spring 2022

Dalkeith Road Medical Practice is situated on Edinburgh's Southside and serves over 4000 patients. The Practice has been at 145 Dalkeith Road for over 20 years.

Project aim: to create a safe, resilient and sustainable design for Dalkeith Road Medical Practice that combats stress and anxiety for staff and visitors.

I carried out detailed site analysis including the use of Climate Consultant software, stakeholder analysis, case studies and site visits to establish the best way to improve the clinic using sustainable materials and Biophilc design strategies. methods.

I used Autocad and SketchUp to model the interior, Morpholio Trace to progress the design, and Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator to create visuals.

Here are some of the findings from the Stakeholder analysis I carried out.

With over 100 responses to some pretty indepth questions, using Canva to create

infographics was the perfect way to help establish the needs and wants of stakeholders.

All interior decoration products were selected for their highly sustainable and eco-friendly credentials, the knowledge of which has continued into my everyday practice. Forbo flooring, Graphenstone paint, natural materials and responsible furniture & fittings came together to create an interior design concept that was warm, inviting, non-clinical yet sterile and easy to clean.

Multi-Cultural Family Base


Sustainable Refurbishment 2022-2023

Ali Uddin of ACE Design Studio & I completed the design and refurbishment of the charity MCFB in 2023. ACE had already worked on the layout, but with a tight budget and staff changes, I came on board to help adjust the schedule and select materials. We approached IKEA who donated items from their Circular Hub, and Graphenstone Paint who gave a discount on paint, meaning we could decorate the rooms with eco-friendly finishes. AI generated mood boards helped the clients understand what they were getting, and with Ali and I on site regularly, this was very much a community-driven project. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about this!

Drawing is integral to my practice. I use traditional and digital tools for a variety of reasons; as expression, to work out solutions, to tell a story, or capture a feeling.

Infographics & Icons

Academic Projects 21-22

Vocal Carers Edinburgh 2018

RES Precision Engineers 2022

I have always been fascinated by signs and symbols and love the challenge of distilling complex information into something more accessible. Edward Tufte is an inspiration. Also, thinking as if I was an alien - what is that?! helps me establish whether something is recognisable or not.

I used Canva and Adobe Illustrator to create these commissions.

MA Project Maps

Completed Summer 2022

Seven Lochs Wetland Park -

Maps for Interpretation Panels

Completed Summer 2023

Vocal Carers Edinburgh -

Relocation Map

Completed 2018

Doune Pottery Branding

Completed spring 2023

Talking to the owner of this traditional pottery, they described the skill that goes into making good handles on mugs. This resonated with me so I incorporated it into the

typography of the logo.

Burnt Road logo

Completed spring 2013

Burnt Road is a London-based production company, producing commercials and content for clients including Microsoft, Dyson, FIFA, Fosters, and TUI.

Birth Gently, Salisbury

Completed 2017

Birth Gently provided Hypnobirthing & Baby Massage courses for over 5 years in Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

Counter Attack Board Game

Completed Autumn 2019

I worked with the game's designer, and created the logo, illustrations, packaging designs and promotional materials for editions 1 & 2 of this boardgame which is now sold worldwide.

JK Thomson Vehicles

Completed Summer 2023

This East coast family fish merchant who wanted a look for their brand new vehicles.

This design plays on their current logo with the 3 fish, but adds colour and movement which captures the drama of the sea. The fish are, of course, swimming towards JK Thomson. Designed in Illustrator.

Following a site visit, I designed a central retail unit that was in keeping with existing fittings, having noted the panelling on the counter. Following approval of the visual (below) I returned to the site and colour matched the unit which was to be made from plywood.

A bespoke wood stain was applied, and adjustable feet added for the uneven floors. The final outcome is a practical, moveable retail unit with flexible signage that blends in with the rest of the interior design.

Gladstones Land

Retail Unit

Completed winter 2022

The cafe was having an problem where visitors did not know where to queue. They needed something that could make the flow of traffic better.